Ice creams, mary janes, and sewing projects.

Our local grocery store has a great selection of ice creams. We could spend a near hour looking at all of them. Mother picked out, within three seconds, some Rocky Road icecream. She's so predictable sometimes. : )

I picked out a pretty-sounding one, ButterNut, after a few minutes. Sadly they had no green tea ice cream, my newfound favorite that Raquel had introduced me to. I can't wait to try them out. <3

Also, I'm saving up for some new Mary Janes similar (NOT fake-brand) to the ones that BABY sells. They're insanely adorable, and, since I've not enough money to buy a new Rori dress, I'll simply have to make my own. I think I shall stick to making my own Rori outfits, they can be so expensive and they never have the styles I want.

If anyone out there has a good pattern for a dress (in English?) please send it to me by e-mail. <3 Thank you.


  1. ooooo...mary janes and ice cream, nice combination! My type of thing! :)

  2. Well I know that.
    Anyone could.
    Mostly because you're the one who started squealing when I told you about the Mary Janes over the phone.

    But the fact that ice cream is all we talk about might play a small role.