Gifts from China and reunions with Good Friends

Today I pranced among the yard, blowing the fluffy dandilion puffs and brushing them agianst my cheek. I felt asthough I'd been touched by an angel, my heart felt so light and free.

My feet had their little additions of decora -- black ballet flats from china with red roses embrodiared into them. Much thank you to Rai Rai, for she got them for me as well as a darling little tea set. Milky and I plan to have some honey vinalla tea some time in the near future.
Speaking of Rai Rai, I just got back from a week long trip with her. We ate crossiants and apple pastrys in the morning, little pizzas and breakfast teas. We went to the Sanrio store near where she lives and ate Korean food in H-Mart. Stella was the nicest girl, as well. We played Twilight Princess on her Wii until our arms got sore and we died from laughing.

This Friday is Katie's birthday party, she's getting so old, like a grandmother (joking, Kates)! I plan to buy her the nect book in the House of Night series, some books that she seems to be praticullarly fond of. I hope she'll enjoy it.


  1. Yes, not the most intellegent name to call Link in Twilight princess, "Babe". wink, wink, nudge, nudge, Stela and Morgan. ;)

  2. Pish Posh, Rai Rai.
    You know you'd never think of it.
    We're just cool like that.