Old time Sites and New time Jobs

Yesterday afternoon I searched through some old sites, some of which I used to play on with Alan when we were smaller. I'd not mention names, for the sake of being mistaken for advertising, but instead tell you my progress. I recovered an old account using my email and made a seperate new one to start fresh. Alan would be dissapointed with my lagging progress of earning points on both games.

I almost fell asleep on the couch, writing. I'm on a new story, "Center of the Peach" (it's about a young girl who is chosen to "save" the world from the rotting core it's becoming. But what she doesn't know.. well, will harm her. When the time comes). Mommy let me sleep in bed next to her that night, while Daddy was gone doing his new Target-truck-driving-all-night nonsense. They leave it terribly cold in there, and I can imagine why. I still had to cover up in a teddy blanket and cling to my mommy's back to stay warm. Several times I woke her up with my shivering. Poor Mommy.

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