Noooo~! D;

I love rain. I really do. Rain is my friend. It makes puddles I jump in and dew that I capture in tight-squeezed cameras.

But right now, as I hear the patter of rain on the window, all I can do is groan and and be angry at the rainclouds for their stupidity; Didn't they know today I was meeting my teachers?

I don't want to get my new jumper dirty, the one I sewn esspecially for today. And my shoes, however old they are, shall be ruined if this rain doesn't lighten. Still, I suppose my new Mary Janes will be arriving in a few weeks, but I dare not come to meet my new teachers with muddy, wet, and dirty shoes.

I do hope Rai Rai will read this, and understand how terrible it is today in Iowa.

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