Sheltered Reality and Agricultural Days

Today was sooo much fun.

First we went to grandma's house, where the Ag. Day parade was already starting. Grandpa waved to us~ Also, candy was thrown at us in great handfuls, though we ended up having to divide it between my two cousins and I. Some of my besties were on the floats, which was nice because they gave us extra candy.

Then we went to Bosworth park, and, pardon me, but OH. MY. WORD.

Sheltered Reality, my new favorite music group, was playing! I was so shocked. I think I exploded. I usually look down on loud music, but this was so good I didn't mind. If you don't know, Sheltered Reality is a music group popular in Iowa, though they're branching out to other states. They have lovely music, all on the drums.

And you won't believe this. MY grandmother was picked by one of the children that was playing the drums, and she went up there and danced with them and they showed her how to play the drums! Imagine a seventy year old dancing! When she was done, she gave me the CD they gave her, "The First Decade". I was sooo happy. <3

McKenna and I got wristbands (they matched my outfit~) and played some games. We laser tagged each other, climbed in an inflatable jump-house, and turned cute little plastic duckies over in hopes of getting prizes. It was a bit of a repeat of last year, after we got past Sheltered Reality.

Before we left, Grandma bought us home-made ice-cream! It was delicious and melted in my mouth. Raspberry, yum!

Right now I'm taking it easy, listening to Everdream, and checking my e-mail.
What did YOU do today?

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