Pan's Laybrinth


I've just finished watching this spectacular movie. It's one of those I'll be thinking about for days.

For those who have not seen it, Pan's Laybrinth is a Spanish movie (that means it has subtitles for those who need them) that focuses on a young girl, Ofeilia, who comes acrosss a fairy who beckons her into a secret room where a faun awaits her. Here she learns of her true history. Taking place between a war, Pan's Laybrinth is an amaxing, moving story. 5/5 thumbs up is my rating.

For those who have, I will not be putting a bowl of milk with ginger root in it under my mother's bed if she ever gets sick. I will be checking under stones near the basement. I will even greet grasshoppers when the hop around my garden.

Truely touching movie. A must see for fairytale lovers. <3